Request for Information

Please write your request here in form of comment and please remind me again if I have not answered your older requests. Give me three days to reply to your message, you can find a post answering your request along with your Request.

Please remember not to repeat your request until the request period has expired and of course in the case your request has not been answered.

If I need extra info, I will ask. Visit the blog frequently for updates.




2 Responses to “Request for Information”

  1. ANGELIENE Says:

    I am contacting you through this contact form as there was no email address available.If you are in interested in getting a animated banner/ logo/ header/ footer/ icons/ templates/ mascot Designs for an exchange of a text link from your site.We can write articles for your site in exchange of text links.Also I will Do Article and Directory Submission for your site in exchange of text links.Please get back to me using the email address I have entered if
    you would be interested in discussing this further.

    carolina angeline

  2. DragonWiz263 Says:

    Hi Carolina,

    Thank you for offering your services,. I do maintain a blog on designing @ . As of now, I might not require additional services, however… I might require them in the future,. Thank you once again for your support.
    Happy blogging…

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