Welcome to’s Guest Area. We are excited that you have decided to join us and become a member of our community. was founded in March 1, 2009. Throughout the year we plan on featuring articles by guest technical writers and bloggers from around the world on a variety of topics.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to stay involved in our community and make a difference in the development of this community. If you are looking for more information about or our community, you can visit the About page or contact Eddie at egear AT metalique DOT com or support AT metalique DOT com for more details.

Submit an Article

Here at the MetaliQue Technical Writing Community (MTWC) we have a few guidelines in order for your article to get published on our blog.

Guidelines features lively articles that help technical communicators from around the world to sharpen their skills. These articles are written by Eddie Gear. Occasionally you will also find articles written by guest technical communicators from around the world. Before you write or submit an article to please read the following guidelines.

  • All articles MUST be submitted through the online Web form.
  • Do not e-mail articles directly to the author.
  • Articles related to technical writing and blogging alone will be published.
  • Articles should reach us by FRIDAY to be published in the following week.
  • Articles submitted should be written with specific style.
  • Articles should be in English and targeted at an international audience.
  • Articles should be 750 to 1750 words in length. Articles that are considerably longer than 1750 words will not be published.
  • Articles should be sent to us in Microsoft Word. Do not use any fancy formatting, styles, or line spacing.
  • You can submit any article as long as it is related to technical communication.
  • Do not submit advertisements or press releases disguised as articles.
  • Include your full name as it should appear in the byline along with your title and/or affiliation.
  • Do not quote yourself in the article.
  • Provide brief biography about yourself.
  • Please include the sentence, “For more information, contact” followed by your name, title, e-mail and web address.
  • Articles will be published with your name, title, e-mail and web address.

Use this form to submit your article


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