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Blog Blazers by Stephane Grenier: Book review

April 15, 2009
Title: Blog Blazers
Author: Stephane Grenier
ISBN: 978-0-9810852-0-3
Publisher: Levac Publishing House
Pages: 213pp
Price: $16.95
Reviewer: Eddie Gear

What this book is about….

Blog Blazers is a book written by an avid blogger, Stephane Grenier for bloggers and wannabe bloggers. This book provides a unique look into the minds of some of the world’s successful bloggers and shares their thoughts on how to create your own success story. What makes this book unique is the fact that it does not simply provide one single formula for success. It brings out the success stories of top bloggers such as Seth Godin, Jeff Atwood, Aaron Wall, Eric Sink, Neil Patel and others. It also provides references to other successful blog sites and bloggers and gives tips and information for newcomers. This book is written in a question-answer style and is simple to read and easy to follow. The author asks each blogger a series of questions and draws out the interviewees secrets to success.

Why I like this book…

What makes this book fantastic is that it provides answers to questions on how different people have adopted different ways to make their blogs successful. This I believe will provide a variety of ideas to people who wish to start their new venture. It discusses strategies adopted by the top guys on how to create a successful blog and maintain it. It also provides tips, information and recommendations for new bloggers, and advice in regards to content and writing.

It also looks at the usual mistakes bloggers make, where bloggers usually go wrong, the pitfalls of blogging and what deters people from visiting blogs. Good advice indeed!! This gives us a fair idea of the things we need to avoid when running our own blog. Lastly, the book discusses effective marketing techniques, how to monetize your blog and make money online. That is certainly a motivating factor that encourages us to drive more web traffic and be a successful blogger.

This book provides a glimpse of some of the great blogging minds of our times. We can certainly learn a lot from such top minds and become one of the success stories, just like them. Who know, maybe someday we will be in one of Stephane’s Blog Blazers. Happy Reading!!

Seven good reasons you should get this book:

  1. Helps build a high profile niche
  2. Creates an understanding of the secrets behind top bloggers minds
  3. Provides marketing strategies and monetization benefits to drive web traffic
  4. Delivers tips and information on content and writing
  5. Well priced
  6. Recommends websites and books for new bloggers
  7. Details the dangers of poor blogging and how to avoid them

I give this book a rating of 8 out of 10


Monetize your website using BidVertiser

April 10, 2009

It has only been a week since I monetized my Website and upgraded to the new template. This got me thinking, why not let my readers also benefit from this and hence this article. Hope you find this helpful and good luck making money online.

BidVertiser is a unique site that allows website owners to sell their ad space to potential advertisers who offer the highest bid. The more popular the website is, the greater the chances of getting the highest bid for your space. Even though Google ad-sense is a similar program, BidVertiser tends to be beneficial to new and upcoming bloggers as well.

Have a website? Want to sell ad space, show text-ads? Want to make money from your website or blog ? Well then, BidVertiser is the way forward!

How does BidVertiser work?

Once you sign up for Bidvertiser, you will be given an HTML code to include in your web page. You must paste this code on your website to enable potential advertisers to start their bids. The advertiser with the highest bids will place their ads on your website which will start appearing on your site. This usually takes about 48 hours and includes the time taken by the BidVertiser team to approve your website.

Ad Formats

BidVertiser has five design formats for ads. They include:

Banners – Displays pre-designed full, half, vertical banners, and leader boards.
Skyscrapers – Designed to look like skyscrapers, these columnar ads include wide skyscrapers, and half page ads.
– Appears in a rectangular format and includes medium, vertical, and large rectangular ads.
Buttons – Displays ads as square buttons.
Free Design – Allows you to design, and customize ads according to your business requirements.

View Reports

You can generate and display reports on clicks made through your website, click rates, and income generated using online reports from the BidVertiser Publishing Center.

Payment Modes

Payments are made using checks or via PayPal.

Checks: Checks are mailed 30 days after the end of each calendar month, if the minimum amount earned is US $ 50.00 or more. If the income earned is less than $50.00 it will be carried forward to the next month and paid off when it reaches the desired minimum value.

PayPal: Payments are made 30 days after the end of each calendar month, if the minimum amount earned is US $ 10.00 or more. If the income earned is less than $10.00 it will be carried forward to the next month and paid off when it reaches the desired minimum value.

Advantages of BidVertiser

BidVertiser offers a great deal of advantages to both publishers and advertisers. It gives you full control over your ads, you get paid on PPC basis, you can customize ad layouts and filter out un-wanted ads just to name a few.

Full Control: You can monitor and control the ads that get displayed on your website.

Get paid on a Per-Click basis: You don’t get paid on the basis of the keywords you enter on your site, rather on the popularity of your site and the clicks made through your site.

Customize the Layout: You have the option of customizing the layout of your ads, so that you can continue to maintain the look and feel of your website and make it more attractive to advertisers.

Filter-out Unwanted Ads: BidVertiser provides an excellent filtering system that allows you to filter out unwanted ads and block them.

Displaying BidVertiser ads on your website gives you the advantage of removing unwanted ads, viewing reports, customizing ad layouts, and having full control over what gets displayed on your site. If you have read this article , you will see that having BidVertiser on your web space, will not only fetch you guaranteed returns, but will also encourage you to make your website more attractive to increase your visitor count. Furthermore, signing up is simple and free. You can place your ad on thousands of sites with BidVertiser and promote your Website and get $20 in FREE clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into the Advertising bandwagon and set the ball rolling!

All the Best!