Metalique.com is a storehouse of knowledge for technical communicators worldwide.

We at MetaliQue.com aim to provide you with information on documentation, procedures, user guides, templates and other services. Visit our Services section for a list of services we offer.

This site is useful for people who produce, manage, archive and distribute technical information, including editors, publishers, graphic and instructional designers. It is also a site where you can share your knowledge.

About the Author

Eddie GearMetaliQue.com was founded by Eddie Gear in 2009. His passion for technical writing has inspired him to start this online venture to bring like-minded people together to share their thoughts, ideas and visions.  Eddie is a content management administrator and draws his experience from the field of pre-sales, technical authoring and document management.

Contact me

If you have a question for me, or just want to drop me a line, send your feedback to the e-mail address below or you can use the contact page.

Eddie Gear
egear AT metalique DOT com

Our Community

As an initiative we provide every technical communicator with an opportunity to share their work and skills on our site. You as a technical communicator have the option to write and submit your very own article on technical communication or some form of documentation. We hope this would give you an opportunity to showcase your skills to other technical writers and job hunters.

Report an issue

If you experience any problems or issues while using this website, please use the contact page to report the issue to us. We will work to resolve the issue/problem, and notify you on the updates.


If you are looking for service support you can e-mail us at support AT metalique DOT com or chat with me on Skype @ eddiegear

Feel free to read read our Disclaimer and Comment policy

Thanks for visiting our site and please come again.


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