Trackback ( : Designing a stylish contact form for your portfolio

This tutorial will show you how to design a stylish, custom contact form for your website / portfolio from scratch. It will cover all the aspects of the design including the CSS and HTML coding and PHP programming.

The result will be a fully functional, personalized contact form and will look like this :

Designing a stylish contact form final result

As you can see the contact form consists of 2 parts : one containing the contact information of the sender, labeled “Your contact information” and one part regarding the sender’s message, labeled “Your message“. Each part represents, as you will see below, a fieldset tag, and both are integrated in a form tag. The form also integrates a very simple and basic captcha system that you will see works pretty well, considering most spammers aren’t concerned about portfolio websites, so they don’t use advanced spam robots to trick these contact forms. A more advanced captcha system can be developed using a database and an array in PHP or can be found can be found on the internet (for example here).

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