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Making a cool blog design that will stand out from the crowd, with all the blogs existing right now is quite a serious challenge. Before a potential new reader can get to the content of you blog you have to catch his attention. That’s when a good design comes handy. Of course, some will recommend keeping the design to a minimum and focus on the content itself. Content was, is and will always be king, but in the fast moving world of the Internet you have to use any advantage you can acquire to keep your visitors on the website.

Here are a few great looking blogs we have discovered (and published on our web gallery) over time.

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Twirk Ethic

A blog by Nick Sigler, a designer and illustrator living in Nashville, TN, and working at . Expect posts on the topics of design, art, music and culture in general.

Twirk Ethnic

theOleg Blog

The blog of 22 year old freelance designer Oleg Kostuk.

theOleg Blog

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