Trackback ( : 40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

2008 has brought some big changes in the design trends. One of the major ones was the end of the so called “glossy revolution“, the wrongful design interpretation of the web 2.0 current. You know what I am talking about : the glossy, vivid and colorful logos and website designs, the major usage of reflections and two tone colors. This style is used less and less, and some new design trends are starting to emerge (the vintage style seems to be catching on)

The sites below are the most representative designs, collected by us for our CSS and Flash Web Gallery. Apart from the showcase we added a little description of each website so you can get an idea what’s it about.

Blog Solid

Blog Solid is for bloggers and those interested in blogging as an exciting and effective way of communicating. Blog Solid is a growing collection of tips, advice and ideas for better blogging.

Blog Solid

Dana’s Garden

Dara’s Garden fashions a fabulous setting for you to make memories you will love and cherish. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate ceremony or a large gathering, Dara’s Garden offers the finest location for any event.

Dana's Garden

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