Trackback ( : 10 inspirational web entrepreneurship stories

I was browsing on Sitepoint another day and came across an interesting articled titled 10 Inspirational “How I Did It” Stories. They basically compiled a list of links to posts and articles or web entrepreneurs were describing their success stories. The 10 people included are:

  1. Peldi Guilizzoni (
  2. Tom Preston-Werner (ex-Powerset,
  3. Loic Le Meur (
  4. Carlo Feliciano (freelancer)
  5. Nina Monk (
  6. Markus Frind (
  7. Jordan Goldman (
  8. Ryan Carson (Carson Systems)
  9. Matt Inman (Mingle 2)
  10. Seth Godin (marketing guru)

One of my favorite ones is the story of Markus Find. Here is a quote:

Read the rest of this article…


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