Trackback ( : What to do when people un-subscribe?

If you offer email subscription via Feedburner, you probably noticed that you have the option to be notified whenever someone un-subscribes from your blog. I have this featured enabled, and on Daily Blog Tips around 3 people unsubscribe every week (luckily more than that subscribe, so the net result is positive).

Now the question that arises is: is there something we can do about it? Yes and no.

Most bloggers would like to recover those people that unsubscribe somehow. It would be cool after all if we could convince they to rethink and subscribe again, right? Unfortunately I really don’t think this is possible. We need to accept that our content or posting frequency will not satisfy all the potential readers out there. Having people unsubscribing from your feed is as natural as having them to subscribe, you just need to make sure that the latter happens more frequently than the former.

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