Trackback ( : Is Twitter the new Digg?

April 28, Darren Rowse publishes a guest post on his Twitip blog titled 11 Useful Twitter Tools That Don’t Require Your Password. One of the readers submits the post to a social network, and suddenly other users of that social network start “voting” on it. The story receives over 1,200 “votes,” and an avalanche of 50,000 visitors end up on Darren’s website.

You probably think that the social network that I mentioned is Digg, right?

Well, it is not. I am talking about Twitter. The “votes” are tweets and re-tweets that contained a link to the story.

How do I know Twitter sent 50,000 visitors to that story? Because, the default URL shortener on Twitter, tracks the number of clicks that are sent to each URL. Here is a screenshot from the story in question:


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