Trackback (Caroline : Making money with e-books, curses & membership sites – which is best?

You have a truckload of ideas for content that you can produce in your area of expertise. You’re at the stage where you want to use it to develop an income-generating asset rather than just build exposure. What is the best way of packaging that content? In this post I will compare three popular models – an e-book, a Home Study Course and a Membership Site.

The Humble e-book

Producing an e-book is no doubt the easiest of the three models to produce and you can do so with a relatively small amount of content because most people will not read an e-book that is hundreds of pages long and the shorter ones (sub 100 pages) are more likely to be read and put to use.

There are two primary ways to monetize an e-book. The most obvious is to simply charge for it but e-books have a low perceived value so the price usually has to match. I have seen a few e-books with a price tag of $97 but of the ones that I know have sold well, the price has usually ranged between $10 and $50.

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