Trackback (Caroline : 512 ways to make money online – Mix & match content, monetization & traffic models

Instructions: pick one breakfast, one lunch and… oh wait, that’s not right! There’s a gazillion ways to make money online, so many that it can be overwhelming. Unless you can come up with some killer unique idea (Million Dollar Home Page springs to mind), just about any profitable venture is going to need a combination of content, monetization and traffic. You cannot succeed without all three. Below I have listed 8 models for each, put them together and that gives you 512 combinations of ways to make money online!

Content (is King!)

If you want to make money online you need a presence on the web. We call that a web property. This is the content – the stuff you create. This content has to provide value to your visitors otherwise they will hit the back button (or the stumble button) never to return again. Start with the content. Decide what you want to create because this is the foundation of your empire. You can change the monetization models and traffic generation systems but if you want to change your content, you usually have to start over. So think long and hard about what content you want to create.

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