Trackback (Caroline : How to balance income, promotion & value to your readers

This post is aimed at bloggers who wish to make money blogging. If you are somebody who blogs purely for pleasure then you can safely skip this post! A Little while ago Darren Rowse showed us how the addition of the Aweber Light box popup to advertise a newsletter on his photography blog drastically increased the signup rate to the newsletter. Many bloggers, including myself, followed suit and found results to match. However the downside is that the change has also met with much resistance around the blogosphere.

The Balance Problem

If you’re blogging for profit, then in one way or another you have to promote something. There are many ways you can do this and some are more subtle than others. You can sell something and write a blog post directly promoting it and this is probably the most in-your-face method but this kind of post will usually turn off your readers unless you find a way to create value from it. For example, earlier this week I promoted the Become a Blogger membership site being run by Yaro Starak. If all I did was write a sales pitch that would have offered no value to the reader but by combining that with an offer that cannot be obtained anywhere else, the post provides it’s own unique value.

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