Trackback (Caroline : Turning small niches into big business

October 3, 2007 Posted under: Making Money Online by Caroline Middlebrook

sales chartFollowing on from the Thirty Day Challenge, I have decided to really go for it with niche marketing and I am currently working on three niches at once and documenting the progress on this blog. But at the back of my mind I have often wondered where I can go with this. Am I doomed to be spending my days writing articles about toenail clipping? The last week or so have brought me some new insights into how small niches can be turned into serious business with the income to match.

I Need a Plan, Gimme the Plan

I am very much a thinker and a dreamer. I lie awake at night mulling over ideas and possibilities in my mind. I get an idea and I project it forward into the future thinking about the potential that it has. One of the reasons that it has taken me so long to really get started on my 3 niches is because I had to know up front that I had the ability to generate a large amount of content in each niche.

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