Trackback (Caroline : Make money with WordPress – A simple strategy

Let me start with a small disclaimer – I am about to discuss a strategy to make money with WordPress that I advocate but have not yet explored in full for myself 🙂 The strategy is very simple – build a small site with WordPress that earns a little money, then repeat the process over and over… It’s so simple and so obvious that it hardly seems worth blogging about but I think that many people over-complicate things and overlook the simple stuff.

My e-book that I recently released is all about developing small niche sites using WordPress and in the e-book I briefly discuss some simply monetization options such as AdSense and affiliate marketing. I don’t really discuss the money making aspect in the book that much because I haven’t made very much money myself yet but I am convinced that it is a sound strategy which is why I wanted to blog about it in a little more detail.

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  1. Lloyd Says:

    Bonjour! nice stuff you have up there, check out my blog too

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