Trackback (Caroline : Effective networking: 7 ways to connect with people in your niche

In this era of social interactivity and Web 2.0, webmasters are well advised to begin networking with people in their chosen niche. I present 7 ways in which to find these people and connect with them.

But First… Establish Who You Are

If you’re breaking into a new niche then it may be worth taking a moment to reflect on the image you are trying to portray. Are you entering this niche as yourself or are you using a pseudo-name? Who is your target audience? What kind of language resonates with them? What graphical style is likely to appeal to this audience?

I’m going to make an assumption that you will be creating a blog in your niche. What if you are not planning on creating a blog? Reconsider that decision! A blog allows you connect directly with your audience, it gives them reasons to visit your site more often, it gives Google a reason to visit your site more often! Blogging opens up opportunities to connect to other bloggers who might otherwise not even know you exist. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture…

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