Update: WordPress Theme project complete

Almost a week ago I started working on a WordPress theme project. There were two reasons for this; one, I wanted to deliver something special for my subscribers and two, I wanted to fix a couple of glitches with the current theme. I also wanted to create a new look for my web site MetaliQue.com.

I was working on three projects, two e-books and a WordPress theme. The WordPress them project was spilt into _Front two sections, one for my subscribers and the other for MetaliQue.com. To read more about ongoing and upcoming projects at MetaliQue.com please visit projects.

Now, MetaliQue.com has a new look. Along with the template design process I had some good monetizing and reader benefiting options integrated. This in a way contributes both to my readers and me.

If you have subscribed to MetaliQue.com, you will receive your access password via the monthly newsletter where you can also download the FREE WORDPRESS THEME and other useful tools specially designed for my subscribers.

Subscribe to MetaliQue.com and get FREE WORDPRESS themes and access other useful tools. You can also join me on social networking sites like Technorati, Stumbleupon and Twitter.


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