Change the way you think about technical writing

Before you form an opinion about technical writing, let me share some information with you that will change the way you think about technical writing. Even though technical writing has been around for a long time, it was never much spoken about until recently. Some people consider technical writing as a boring profession and technical writers as rigid individuals because of the type of work they do.
So what is technical writing? What do tech writers do? Is technical writing really that boring?  You be the judge. Let us take a deeper look into these points. I’m sure that you will have a different opinion after you have read this article.

Who are technical writers?

Ideally a good technical writer is one who has a flair for writing, ability to learn the latest developments in technology. Technical writers are often required to stay up to date with information related to the field they are in. Technical writers are individuals who are constantly learning and writing. This makes technical writers excellent communicators.Technicalwriting

So what is technical writing?

Technical writing does not have a standard definition. Technical writing, a form of technical  communication follows a structured way of writing, in which information is presented in the format that best, suits the needs of the audience. Technical writers explain complex ideas to varied audiences.

What do technical writers do?

Technical writers write, edit, and prepare publications. Publications vary based on various fields like technology, engineering, medicine and science. Publications also include articles, technical reports, instruction manuals, user manuals, whitepapers, proposals, brochures and many more.
Any writing that requires knowledge of a technical field can be considered technical writing. Writing a user manual for a software application, a maintenance guide or even a sales proposal is considered as technical writing. In order to prepare accurate documentation technical writers are required to:

  • Analyze target audience
  • Study data and conduct interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Produce illustrations, charts, and photographs to be included in publications
  • Create and edit Web pages

Is technical writing really that boring? You be the judge.

Technical writing has always been considered boring by many individuals. Some of my fellow writers being in high paying jobs consider technical writing as BORING. I also, at one point of time, considered Technical writing as boring, but then I did not really know what technical writers did. But today, I fully understand this and I love what I do.
Technical writers write to educate technical and non-technical audience on specific topics. Clear writing and good communication skills are some of the major requirements of a technical writer. If you love teaching, technology and writing then a technical writer’s job is something that you will love doing and the best part, make good money while doing it.

Conclusion – Is technical writing for you?

All said and done, technical writing is a well paying job, but considered as boring. Not every one reads your content, yes! You educate readers on how to use products or services, how to perform specific tasks and so on. Is technical writing for you? This is something that you will need to decide, it took me about 6 to 8 months before I took the decision to become a technical writer and a few more months to prepare myself before I entered into the field. Evaluate yourself, study your skills and most of all take your time and make a firm decision.
I hope the information on technical writers, tech writing and what they do has changed your perspective of Technical writing and technical communicators in general.

Please share your comments and feedback.


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