Use of proper grammar

Grammar is an essential part of any writing. The rules of grammar apply to technical writing as well. Documenting technical details is not an easy task even if you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME). The use of proper grammar will ensure that you write correctly and convey the message as it is intended to. This type of writing helps even a non-technical individual to understand and follow the process mentioned in the documentation. User documentations are often written in such a simple manner that little or no additional knowledge is required to follow the instructions mentioned. This all comes through the excellent skills of a technical writer using proper grammar and sentence structure. The use of proper grammar allows the writer to write in a more concise manner and convey all that is required without confusing the reader.

A few reference materials that can be found online to improve your grammar skills are listed below. You use them as support sites or knowledge pools to improve your skills.

Guide to grammar and writing –

Online writing lab (OWL) –

BBC Skillwise –

Grammar slammer –

Daily grammar –

These websites do not focus on technical writing in anyway, they provide guidance and help you with your grammar. A few hardcopy books worth reading at a library, as follows.

English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Straus

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition byWilliam Strunk Jr.

Among the three books mentioned above, my suggestion and favorite would be “The Elements of Style by William Strunk”. This is an excellent book for technical writers as it not only teaches you grammar but also improves your writing style which is an important aspect for a technical writer.

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  2. Deborah Says:

    Hi – your readers may be interested in my blog which is a relaxed and friendly guide to grammar, punctuation and the English language. Readers can ask questions too.

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