Poll results

It is good to be back after the long awaited christmas vacation. Eventhough I’ve missed blogging and reading on the Internet, I did have a wonderful time with family and friends. It is good to be back and blogging and sharing.

From the recent survey that was conducted on Technical Author’s Weblog, results were just as I suspected.

Blogging Platform of 2008! Vote!!!


We also had a few comments from our visitors…

LiveJournal is my second favorite – Carrie Burrows
I currently use Typepad… – LongHairDontCare
WordPress is still the best – Steve Fultz

With regard to the other poll..The results where surprising.. 🙂

Has the recession had an impact on Technical Writer jobs worldwide?? Vote!!!


We have also had a comment of one of the visitors

Of all the jobs in the IT industry, technical writing seems to be the only one holding its head above water so far. It’s also evident that once the recession gets worse, this will also be impacted but until then…. nothing’s for sure.
However u can get yourself a recession-vaccination by accumulating experience in structured documentation, DITA concepts & use, getting tech-savvy & staying upto date with the latest in the industry. – Greshma

I would like to thank every one who voted and shared their views. Happy Blogging.


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