Effective Technical Writing – Cont…

Write clear, concise sentences 

Some wordy phrases can seem to sound better than simpler ones. But wordy sentences can make documents very long and irritate the reader. You can often replace a long sentence with something more concise. Changing such phrases can substantially shorten the length of the document without compromising on the meaning. Avoid using wordy phrases, use “most” instead of “a majority of”, use “many” instead of “a number of”. Favor the active voice over the passive. 

Too many prepositions can drain all the action out of a sentence. Get rid of the prepositions, and find a strong active verb to make the sentence direct. Do not repeat a word unless you need it again for clarity or emphasis. Avoid redundancy–using two or more words that mean essentially the same thing.  In general, avoid starting sentences with “There is”, “There are”, or “There were”. Avoid cluttering sentences with nouns. Whenever possible, remove adjective clauses like “who are”, “which was”, and “that were”. 

Hence, writing clear and concise will help the user not to loose interest in your document and continue reading.


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