Effective use of Bullets

Bullets are ideal when you want to convey short, to-the-point pieces of information. The fact that you use bullets instead of numbers implies to your reader that the points can be read and applied in any order; there’s no necessary sequence in a bulleted list. 

Effective use of Bullets

MS Word gives you the capacity to create bulleted lists with different looks. For instance, you can select bullet characters, colors and you can also indent them. Further, you can place bulleted lists side by side in a multi-column format.

Remember, when you create bulleted lists: 

  • Be concise: Fewer words make a larger impact. Prepare your prose down to fewer than three sentences if you can.

  • Keep to the point: A general rule is “one point, one bullet.” don’t try to cram more than one idea into each bullet item.

  • Be clear: Clear and simple is best.

  • Avoid excessive use of Bullets: Text Bulleted can be so much easy to understand as they are direct; you might be tempted to use them liberally throughout your document. Do not overuse bullets in your work and use them only when they bring clarity to your content.

  • Don’t use too many at once: Don’t make your lists onerous for your readers. If possible, say what you need to say in six to eight bullet points and move back to paragraph style.

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2 Responses to “Effective use of Bullets”

  1. Sridevi.N Says:

    Hi Eddie,

    All your postings is of gr8 help :).

    Can you give information on Technical Writing as a profession for those who want to enter this field ?

  2. Joey Yates Says:

    Project G,
    Thank you for creating this blog. I found the information in this blog very helpful for an class assignment.

    Have a great day!

    Yolonda “Joey” Yates

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