Technical Writing

Technical Writing as such, is vast. Technical Writing involves various segments like Technical Documentation, Proposal Writing, Instructional Design, Product Manuals and many more. Almost every software application, tool, device, hardware or even a process requires documentation. Products need user manuals; Processes require process documentation and so on.

Documents are written based on audience, without an audience to cover it would almost be impossible to write. The understanding of every individual differs from the other. Based on the level of understanding and the target of the audience technical writers prepare documents.

Technical Writing is growing rapidly and is one of the most wanted jobs today. I would define technical writing as “A structured way of writing, in which information is presented in a format that best suits the needs of the audience (readers)”.We will discuss more about technical writing and some interesting tips to benefit your technical writing career.

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One Response to “Technical Writing”

  1. go3ea Says:

    Indeed technical writing grows.

    I work for the current company for almost a year. After the probation period, my manager told me he doesn’t realize how the company survived 10 years without a technical writer. In the following months the tech writing team grown with two more members. No we are part of the process. They don’t deliver anything to the clients before documentation is reviewed by us.


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